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Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School

Updated : 2018-03-29

Suzhou Science and Technology Town Foreign Language School is an international school supported by Suzhou Science and Technology Town Administrative Committee. It is a Chinese-Foreign-Cooperative School. The school includes preschool and nine-year compulsory education. It has an excellent teaching team, with most of the foreign teachers being from Britain, the United States and Australia.


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The school is in the center of Suzhou Science and Technology Town, a large-scale research, development and innovation base. It has a water and mountain area of more than 50,000 sq km, providing high greenery coverage.

Add: No 180, Jialingjiang Road, Suzhou New District

Tel: +86- 512-69370111; +86-512-69373003

Website: http://www.ssfls.com.cn/

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