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Suzhou Foreign Language School

Updated : 2018-03-29

Suzhou Foreign Language School (SFLS) was founded in Suzhou New District as a public school in 1994 as Suzhou International Elementary School. It was privatized and renamed Suzhou Foreign Language School in 2001. It features diversified foreign-language teaching methods, and attaches more attention to traditional Chinese culture and international multicultural integration.

SFLS has over 3,000 students. It covers nearly 70,000 square meters, and includes a kindergarten, a primary school, a junior high, and a senior high   school for both domestic and international programs.


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In recent years, it has developed many special programs, such as an Overseas class in 2002, a Sino-Canadian class in 2003 (now called the GAC class), an Intel class in 2005, Art classes and CIE classes for science and engineering students in 2007, a German class in 2009 and a Spanish class in 2010.
The overseas students are usually from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Thailand, Canada and the USA. This offers students chances to learn more about other countries in a free environment. 
SFLS consistently ranks among the top 3 of Suzhou’s high schools and in performances on college entrance exams, while in the A-level CIE exams of   2010, SFLS’s students placed first and second provincially, and second and third nationally. In addition to its success in college entrance examinations, it is home to many clubs for Music, Drama, Science, Sports, Community Service, Volunteer and Social Work, Camping, Overseas Exchange Visiting, Home Stays, EPA, a Model UN and World Culture Heritage. It also hosts an Art Festival.

SFLS creates a vibrant atmosphere and helps students to expand their horizons, allowing them enjoy their studies with a feeling of being supported and valued.

SFLS provides almost everything students need, including accommodation in euro-style buildings. It offers a wide range of entertainment facilities and programs, including music, movies, theatre, arts, and sporting events.

It is just 25 minutes’ drive away from Suzhou Railway Station, and 20 minutes’ drive from downtown Suzhou. It’s close to many popular tourist and   recreational attractions in the charming city. 

Tel: + 86-512- 87188118
Fax: +86- 512- 68255321   

Address: No 201, Zhuyuan Road, Suzhou New District (SND)
Zip Code: 215011

Bus route: You can travel from the rail station to the school by bus No 64 .

Metro: You can take Metro line 1 from downtown Suzhou to the front gate of the school. 

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