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Suzhou Tramcar Line 1

Updated : 2018-03-31


Suzhou Tramcar Line 1 [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Suzhou Tramcar Line 1 travels in a west- east direction, boasting a maximum speed of 70 km per hour. It runs through Suzhou New District's main area, including the Suzhou Eco-Town and Suzhou Science and Technology City. 

The first phase of Line 1 is 18.19 kilometer in length, a total of 10 stations. The second phase is 10.301 km, with six stations. The line makes the Taihu Lake landscape belt, Taihu Wetland Park, Eco-Town Area and Eco-Town hub all easily accessible. Once completed, it will become the longest tramcar line in China, running all the way between downtown Suzhou and Taihu Lake. 

It can connect with stations of Metro Line 1 and 3, and lots of bus stops, making the city's transportation more convenient.

Route: Suzhou Amusement Land Station- Xinqu Gongyuan Station- Heshan Road Station- Baimajian Eco Park Station- Majian Road Station- Yangshan South Station- the Administrative Committee of Suzhou New District- Longshan Road Station- Jialingjiang Road Station- Longkang Road Station.

Extension Line: Xiuan Station- Xiupingjie North Station- Shifan Station- Xiyang Mountaion Station- Youcheng Mountain Station- Wetland Park Station.

Schedule Time:

Suzhou Amusement Land Station: The first tram departs at 6:10 am and the last one at 10:00 pm.

Longkang Road Station: The first tram departs at 6:10 am and the last one at 9:00 pm.

Website: http://www.sndtram.com/

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