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Commercial streets in Suzhou New District

Updated : 2018-03-31

1.Shishang Shuian Commercial Street

Add: No 69, Wuyishan Road, Suzhou New District.

Tel: +86-512-66070766

Transportation: take bus No 350, 3003 and No 3003 (community bus), get off at Shishang Shuian Square Station.  

2. Ganglong Fengqiao Commercial Street

Add: No 1, Fengqiao Street, Suzhou New District.

Transportation: take bus No 301, 304, 319, 333 and 357, get off at Muqiao Station. 

3. Fangtang Commercial Street

Add: No 21, Chengji Road, Suzhou New District (opposite site of AEON Mall).

Tel: +86-512-66720333

Transportation: take Bus No 34, 34 (interval), 335 and 382, get off at Huning Chengtie Xinqu Square Station (Shanghai-Nanjing Xinqu Railway Station Square). 

4. Longfor Suzhou Times Paradise Walk Commercial Street

Longfor Suzhou Times Paradise Walk Commercial Street is a top-level “paradise walk” commercial product jointly built with international high-end brands. It consists of residential buildings, commercial streets and office buildings, integrating working, visiting, living, studying, dining and entertaining.

Put into operation in 2017, the project has attracted a total investment of approximately 10 billion yuan ($1.58 billion). It is situated in the intersection of Shishan Road and Tayuan Road. Metro Line 1 and Tramcar line 1 both pass through. Nearby Suzhou Amusement Land, the commercial street provides sound living facilities, including starred hotels, shopping centers, financial institutions, schools and parks.

Add: located in the intersection of Shishan Road and Tayuan Road.

Tel: +86-512-68759258


Take bus No 31, 37, 328, 329 (traffic peak interval), 355 and 406, get off at Taoyuan Dujiacun Station (Taoyuan Holiday Resort Station).

Take bus No 2, 33, 38, 51, 69, 69 (interval bus), 89, 303, 304, 312, 333, 3 (night) and Y 3 (游3), get off at Baihehua Gongyu Station (Baihehua Apartment Station).

Website: http://www.longfor.com/en/

5. The Emerald City Commercial Street 

Add: No 436, Changjiang Road, Shishan sub-district, Suzhou New District.


Take bus No 302, 303, 329, 443, 816 and 937; get off at the Xinqu Xiaofangdui Station (fire brigade station of Suzhou New District).

Take bus No 37, 42, 51, 67, 93, 313, 324, 353 and 3002; get off at Lushequ Bashi Station or Keyun Xizhanbei (North of Suzhou West Coach Station).

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