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Fengqiao Baimajian Theatre

Updated : 2018-03-31

Fengqiao Baimajian Theatre started construction in 2012 and opened to the public on Aug 8, 2015, with an investment of 170 million yuan ($27.07 million). The largest cultural center in Northwest Suzhou New District, it consists of a fitness center, a cinema and a theatre. Its excellent location close to Taihu Avenue and two metro lines makes it easily accessible.

The theatre has a hall with 320 comfortable seats and two halls with 60 seats. The larger hall boasts advanced light and sound equipment.

Add: Baimajian Citizen Service Center, No 168, Zhaohong Road, Suzhou new District

Tel: +86-512-66654331

Website: http://tztz109121.zhaoshang100.com

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