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Take bites of famed pastry

Updated : 2018-03-31

The noted ancient riverside town of Luzhi not only has beautiful sights to see, but also has a wide variety of snacks. Haitanggao, a pie or pastry made with Chinese flowering crabapple filling, is one of the most commonly sold specialties in the Luzhi Scenic Area.


Haitanggao, or Chinese flowering crabapple pastry, has been a favorite of visitors for generations. The pie came into existence during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and received its name due to its similarity to the shape of the flower. [Photo/Wechat: suzhouvisit]


A closer look at the pie shows some ingredients on the surface, including white and black sesame. [Photo/Wechat: suzhouvisit]


The famous specialty of the waterside region in Suzhou takes on a garnet red color once completely baked. [Photo/Wechat: suzhouvisit]

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