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Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel (former Suzhou Sheraton Hotel)

Updated : 2018-04-01

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Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel (former Suzhou Sheraton Hotel) [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Surrounded by commercial districts and culture relics, the Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel is close to many scenic spots including Taihu Lake, Hanshan Temple, Xiyuan Temple and classical gardens. It takes only an hour’s drive or half an hour of high speed train travel to reach Suzhou from Shanghai.

The hotel has three distinctive dining rooms serving different kinds of food, such as Benbang cuisine, Western delicacies, Cantonese dishes and Italian seafood. You can meet friends and enjoy yourselves to your heart’s content in any of the hotel’s three lounges, and also exercise in its well-equipped 24-hour fitness center, spa or indoor/outdoor swimming pools.

The Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel epitomizes the fineness of classical Chinese gardens. The subtle and elegant Suzhou style is reflected in bridges, a river, pavilions and terraces, in every corner of the hotel. Walking through it is just like wandering in a garden of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can discover quintessential scenes of Suzhou gardens, such as “Small Flying Rainbow” and “Eight Pools Mirroring the Moon”. It integrates the architectural features of 2000-year-old ancient walls and Ruiguang Pagoda and harmonizes with three famous scenic spots nearby, namely the ancient walls, Wu Bridge and Ruiguang Pagoda. The unique layout is designed to retain the beauty of traditional architectural styles in a modernized and fully-functional hotel, a joining of magnificence and exquisite delicacy.

There are 481 rooms of various types, standing along the banks of the river and zigzagging through the courtyard, which is a traditional style of Suzhou residences. The rooms have two different decors, two different eaves and three different window patterns, showing an elaborate and intentional disorder and intricacy. Many traditional architectural elements are included, such as beige granite, dark wall bricks, decorative tiles and dripping eaves, manmade wooden screens, cast iron lattice windows and copper fences. You can see Ruiguang Pagoda from some parts of the courtyard and some rooms.

There are also 99 VIP rooms in the Pacific Club which offer butler service, personalized services, and a free late check-out. All the guests in the VIP rooms may enjoy a complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails in the evening. The special design of the rooms assures abundant natural light from outside and perfect privacy. Each of them is spacious and comfortable, while deluxe suites are equipped with a Jacuzzi bathtub and a private garden.

Address: No 259, Xinshi Road, Suzhou New District

Tel: +86-512-65103388

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