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Noble Resort Suzhou

Updated : 2018-04-01


Noble Resort Suzhou [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Noble Resort Suzhou, the only five- star hotel in Wuzhong district, is located in the picturesque Changsha Islet situated within the Suzhou Taihu National Tourism and Holiday Resort. 

Designed and decorated by the Australia 5+1 Werkhart International, the Noble Resort Suzhou hotel features a unique and elegant style. It offers a plurality of dining facilities providing Chinese and western cuisine, especially those dishes famous both at home and abroad. Complete facilities for accommodation and meetings are offered. It boasts warm and elegant deluxe rooms, standard rooms, 130 villas and eight meeting rooms accommodating 250 people for leisure travel and business meetings. Advanced facilities and professional staff are always prepared to provide attentive service. Noble Resort Suzhou invites you to a land of idyllic beauty and is your best choice for a holiday resort.

Add: No 18, Changsha Islet, Suzhou Taihu National Tourism and Holiday Resort

Tel: +86-512-82276999; +86-512-66515999 ext6800

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