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Ever-joy Hot Spring at Suzhou Amusement Land

Updated : 2018-04-01

The ever-joy hot spring at Suzhou Amusement Land is enticing not only for its great location in Shushan, an idyllic village hidden in the Suzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (SND), but also for having the best in-house SPA experiences. It’s a great destination for family fun all year round.


The village has gained fame for its enviable mountain scenery, local hot springs, delectable tea, and temple; overall it’s a great destination for exploring idyllic landscapes and traditional customs. [Photo from WeChat: suzhouvisit]


The ever-joy hot spring spot is famous for its well-developed in-doors water wonderland that is kept at constant temperature, spas, hotels and the authentic idyllic landscape of Shushan village, making it one of the best tourist resorts in Suzhou. [Photo from WeChat: suzhouvisit]


The nearby in-door swimming pool provides water and an abundance of plants. [Photo from WeChat: suzhouvisit]

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