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Investment Guide

Updated : 2018-04-02

1. Investment procedure


2. Service bodies

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce

Address: International Economic and Commercial Building, No 1638, West Ring Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu province

Phone number: +86-512-68633677/ 68633676/ 68633675

Fax: +86-512-68293898

E-mail: wzc@wjm.suzhou.gov.cn

Postcode: 215004

Website: http://www.commerce.gov.cn 

Investment Promotion Bureau of Suzhou New District

Address: No 58, Kepu Road, Suzhou New District, Suzhou, Jiangsu province

Phone number: +86-512-68251660

Fax: +86-512-68750471

E-mail: wu.wf@snd.gov.cn

Postcode: 215163

Website: http://www.snd.gov.cn 

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