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SND Integrated Free Trade Zone

Updated : 2018-04-02



Located in the north of the Suzhou New District (SND), Suzhou, Jiangsu province, the SND Integrated Free Trade Zone was established in August 10, 2010, as approved by the State Council. It went into operation on November 4, 2010. It was merged with the original SND export processing zone (founded in March 2003) and SND bonded logistics center of B type (founded in August 2005). It is now part of the "information Seine".

The SND Integrated Free Trade Zone boasts a superb geographic location. State Road 312, Suzhou Highway, Shanghai-Nanjing Highway and Su-Jia-Hang Expressway all go through it. The district also neighbors the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Beijing-Nanking Railway and Shuofang of Southern Jiangsu, forming a transportation network of sea, land and air.

The SND Integrated Free Trade Zone has four parts: an operations area, a logistic area, a processing area and a supporting area.

1. Operation area:

This part covers an area of 0.29 square kilometers and is the only place for customs clearance and inspection and quarantine of import and export goods in SND. It engages in customs transferring and clearance of bonded goods, general supervised goods, special interregional goods and international express shipments.

2. Logistic area:

This area, with an area of 0.52 square kilometers, is used for storing electronic components, auto parts, photovoltaic equipment, medical devices, imported food, wine and other goods. The bonded warehousing business, international distribution business and international trade are key industries in the area.

3. Processing area:

Covering 2.7 square kilometers, the processing area involves bonded processing, detection and maintenance. It is designed for servicing enterprises engaging in processing, trade and production.  

4. Supporting area:

With an advantageous location near the SND Integrated Free Trade Zone, the 2.7-square kilometer supporting area is responsible for production and supporting services. It engages in developing businesses such as R&D, detection and maintenance, as well as provision of carriers for the processing business in the SND Integrated Free Trade Zone.

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