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China Suzhou Human Resource Service Industrial Park

Updated : 2018-04-03



China Suzhou Human Resource Service Industrial Park was established in December, 2013. It was the fourth national human resource service industrial park to be officially approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences after Shanghai, Chongqing and Henan.

The industrial park adopts the layout of “one park and multiple sub-parks”. Suzhou High-tech Development Zone is its core area. The human resource clusters of Changshu, Kunshan and Wujiang are its sub-parks. It has formed a fan-shaped radiation pattern to provide human resources services for Suzhou and its surrounding cities.

At present, there are 961 human resource service organizations in Suzhou, 56 domestic and overseas well-known top 100 human resource service organizations and more than 20,000 employees in the industrial park. Its annual service income exceeds 40 billion yuan ($6.38 billion).

The industrial park adheres to the tenet of “serving Suzhou, benefiting the Yangtze River Delta and facing the whole country” and positions itself strategically in “product agglomeration, brand distribution, business incubation and vocational training”. It attracts social capital through government-led efforts and is striving to build a national first-class human resource service industry base in five years.

According to the industrial park's development plan by 2018 there will be more than 500 HR service companies, 20 national HR service companies headquartered in Suzhou and over 100 domestic and international top 100 HR service organizations. The industrial scale is expected to reach 80 billion yuan.

Meanwhile, it will achieve full-scale development of human resources services and form a domestic human resources service innovation base to lead the development of that industry throughout the province and perhaps China.



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