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Suzhou firm and Tianjin University launch tech center

Updated : 2018-04-03

Suzhou HuaYiRunLiang, which produces new composite material accessories and casing frames, launched a science and technology achievement and transformation center in partnership with Tianjin Polytechnic University on April 3, in order to develop new materials and open up the lightweight new energy vehicle market.

Located at Suzhou HuaYiRunLiang, the new center serves as a research platform and transformation hub for scientific and technological achievements, business incubation, product research and development, testing and certification, intellectual property management, results transformation and professional personnel training. 

Tianjin Polytechnic University will provide intellectual support, platform support and qualified personnel for the Engineering Technology Center, while Suzhou HuaYiRunLiang will provide office space for research and development, business incubation and industrial aggregation. 

The new center is situated in the university’s R&D department which enjoys an outstanding academic reputation both at home and abroad, and some of the department’s research findings have even been applied to Shenzhou, one of China’s spacecraft, as well as other major engineering projects. 

These centers will enable Suzhou New District to better recruit, retain and develop talent, to reap the benefits of teaching and research in universities while promoting local development of related industries. 

Suzhou HuaYiRunLiang plans to invest more than 20 million yuan ($3.17 million) over the next three years, as it strives to build the technology center into a provincial engineering research center. 

It is estimated that the company will employ more than 60 R&D staff and have annual income of more than 25 million yuan ($3.96 million) by 2020, according to a company representative. 

At present, China ranks first for production and sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs). It has become the world's largest producer and market for new energy vehicles over the past three years, and the cumulative production and sales volume now exceeds 1.8 million. 

Suzhou New District attaches great importance to the development of new energy vehicles, power batteries, and solar photovoltaic industry clusters. So far, it has attracted over 80 research institutes and more than 800 highly-skilled workers. 

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