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3D printing platform to locate in Suzhou New District

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2018-08-17


Representatives from the management committee of Suzhou New District and CNIC Corporation Limited sign a contract to build an institute of 3D printing technology in the Suzhou district on Aug 15. [Photo/WeChat account: snd-szgxqfb]

A metal 3D printing project is set to locate in Suzhou New District, according to the signing ceremony held on Aug 15 in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

Backed by China's State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and CNIC Corporation Limited, a State-owned investment company, the project will receive a 250 million yuan ($36.35 million) worth of investment for its first-stage construction and a total of no less than 1 billion yuan ($145.4 million) worth of investment is expected to be plowed into the project for its second-stage.

The project aims to grow into a major national sci-tech innovation platform by using the existing technologies of key State-owned enterprises and cooperating with the world's leading R&D institutes.

The to-be-built platform focuses on the application of 3D printing technology to metal and polymers and also works on the formulation of a set of technical standards for metal 3D printing in China.

3D printing is a process by which three-dimensional objects are created from digital prototypes by blending together different materials, and it is becoming an increasingly common practice, especially in the manufacturing, medical, industry and sociocultural sectors.


3D printing is used commonly in the manufacturing, medical, industry and sociocultural sectors. [Photo/WeChat account: snd-szgxqfb]

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