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Encounter a colorful SND in autumn

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2018-09-20

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Suzhou New District, with many colors on show, including yellow, red, white, and pink.

Let's take a look at some of the scenery where you might be able to take in some of these colors in the district.

Yellow from ginkgo tree leaves

Ginkgo trees remind people of the arrival of autumn with its bright yellow color. Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple, Lianhua Temple and Baimajian (White Horse Gully) are the best spots to admire yellow ginkgo tree leaves in the Suzhou district.

Notably, there's a ginkgo tree beside the Ten Thousand Buddhas Stone Pagoda at the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple that has been standing there for around 1,000 years.


Leaves fallen from gingo trees in the Suzhou New District. [Photo/WeChat account: snd-szgxqfb]

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