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Pharmaceutical companies gear up for epidemic control

(snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2020-02-12


Pharmaceuticals produced by Leiyunshang are packed for distribution. [Photo from WeChat account snd-szgxqfb]

Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment companies in Suzhou New District have resumed work, supporting the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, local media reported Feb 11.

Leiyunshang Pharmaceutical Co has been moving into full operation since Feb 3, where over 500 workers at its main factory, franchise stores and purchasing departments have been gearing up to maintain smooth operations.

"The local government was very supportive of our resumption," said Yan Yanqing, a manager at the company. "For example, they issued special permits to enable unimpeded driving rights for our carrier vehicles." 


A staff member at Tianling Pharmaceuticals sorts out Chinese herbal medicines. [Photo/Suzhou-news.cn]

Tianling Pharmaceuticals, the largest company of its kind in Jiangsu province, manufactures prepared herbal medicines in small pieces ready for decoction, and can produce 4 to 5 tons of highly needed traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) decoction items per day.

Over 200 workers at Yuwell Medical Equipment and Supply Co also worked around the clock to ensure daily production of 100 intelligent non-invasive sleep ventilators. Its newly developed high-flow ventilator is under urgent examination and approval, and is expected to reach the market in the near future, helping to fight the outbreak.

Many companies focusing on the manufacturing of masks, protective suits, goggles and ear thermometers have been put into full operation.


Trucks loaded with medical supplies from Yuwell Medical Equipment and Supply Co head to Wuhan, Hubei province. [Photo from WeChat account snd-szgxqfb]

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