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Inter-city cooperation inks $467m investment

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2020-04-01


Officials from Suzhou and Yancheng in Jiangsu province see 11 projects worth a total of 3.3 billion yuan ($467 million) signed or starting operations on March 28. [Photo from WeChat account snd-szgxqfb]

Suzhou-Yancheng Coastal Cooperation Development Zone, a cooperative fruit between Suzhou New District and Dafeng district of Yancheng, saw 11 projects worth a total of 3.3 billion yuan ($467 million) signed or starting operations on March 28.

The 11 projects, all high-quality ones with their headquarters in Suzhou and production bases transferring to Yancheng, mainly cover fields such as new materials, new electro-mechanicals, and high-end precision electronics. Some of the projects were industrial leaders both at home and abroad and some can fill the gap in the coastal economy of Yancheng.

For example, 5G products and medical equipment developed by new ceramic technologies and materials were sure to inject new vitality into the coastal economy and lead green and accelerated growth.

The zone, with a total planning area of 50 square kilometers, has so far welcomed 15 industrial base projects, whose respective investment was all over 100 million yuan and had their total investment reach over 2.7 billion yuan.

Such transfers of projects relocating from Suzhou to Yancheng have brought the northern city with annual sales value of over 3.5 billion yuan and made Suzhou capable of seeking new business opportunities in nearly 200 hectares of land.

The zone was established under the nation's call to develop coastal areas and strengthen cooperation among the Yangtze River Delta region. Suzhou and Yancheng can complement each other in sharing advantages and pursuing green development.

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