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Tongan sets positive industrial tune

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2020-04-07


A bird's eye view of Tongan town in Suzhou New District [Photo from WeChat account snd-szgxqfb]

Four major industrial projects recently started construction in Tongan town, Suzhou New District, setting a positive tune for the region.

Neway CNC Equipment Co invested 350 million yuan ($49.7 million) for an area of 6.7 hectares, aiming to generate annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan by manufacturing its well-known butterfly throttles.

Haoli Technology, an expert in thermal solutions concerning smart grid, renewable resources, high-end imaging devices, laser equipment, aerospace, and rail vehicles and traction, claimed a total investment of 120 million yuan and will further cooperate with Tsinghua University and the Mitsubishi from Japan.

Rainbow Environmental Equipment Co focused on gas exhausts solutions and urban smoke gas treatment. Its 150-million-yuan investment on the 23,000-square-meter plant was expected to yield 800 million yuan annually.

Akojia Construction Co eyed timber construction products and has planned to have its plant realize annual sales of 1 billion yuan after operation.

Tongan town in Suzhou New District plans to initiate the construction of 13 major projects in 2020, investing totaling 3.09 billion yuan, of which 1.14 bilion yuan was for the current year. Statistics show that Tongan stepped up the pace in bringing in more innovative resources since last year and has seen good momentum in its industrial transformation and upgrade.

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