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Taihu Wetland Park

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2020-04-21


Taihu Wetland Park features picturesque natural landscapes. [Photo/taihusd.com]

Located in the west of Suzhou city, the earthly paradise, Taihu Wetland Park, now covers a total of 4.6 kilometers, was formerly a beautiful bay in Taihu Lake, where the land and waters intermingle and features abundant reeds, lotus and water caltrops, as well as freshwater fish, shrimps and clams. Its tranquil landscapes are also home to numerous flying egrets, croaking frogs, and twittering birds.

The park opened to the public in May 2010 and in December of the same year, it was recognized by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration as a national wetland park, the first of its kind in Suzhou New District.

As a scenic spot featuring distinctive landscapes, culture, leisure and education, the park was designed into seven sections for fishing, exhibition, ecological habitant, ecological cultivation, water town tourism, leisure, and scientific education.

There are over 50 bridges in the park, which, connected with tortuous 2.5 km of wooden plank roads, are proportionately dotted around the park.

Scenic spots such as the Land of Peach Blossoms, Households of Silkworm Raisers, Hibiscus-Hedge Cottage, Peninsula Teahouse, and Could-painting Pleasure Boat are full of historical origins, while the Gallery of Endangered Plants, Bird-seeing Pavilion, Wetland Habitat Island, and Eight Aquatic Treasures Scenic Spot offer visitors educational and enjoyable trips.


A giant panda plays "hide-and-seek" in the outdoor space. [Photo from WeChat account snd-szgxqfb]

The art festival highlighting jackstraw has become a name brand of the park in spring and has attracted numerous visitors to run wild their imagination and create various artistic works.

The park, as one of the most complete ecological wetlands in the western suburbs of Suzhou, plays an important role in the city's macro ecological restoration strategy and it is of great significance to protect and restore the wetland.

Address: 1 Xiupin Street, Zhenhu town, Suzhou New District (main entrance)

               Longjing Rd to the end of Qianjing North Rd, Dongzhu town (east gate)

Transport: Bus fast line No 3 and bus lines No 43 and 441

Ticket price: 60 yuan (student tickets are half priced)

Tel: +86-512-66918088

Official website: http://www.taihusd.com/

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