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Western Suzhou Ecotourism Resort

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2020-05-27


Chushan Ecological Park, located in the Western Suzhou Ecotourism Resort in Suzhou New District [Photo/szwer.com]

The Western Suzhou Ecotourism Resort, covering an area of 19 square kilometers, was designed based on historical Zhenhu town in Suzhou New District and is encircled by the 25-km-long Taihu Lake.

The resort's beautiful natural scenery provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and is one of the resort's main highlights. Some of its main attractions include the Taihu Lake National Wetland Park, Xijing Bay, Gongshan Islands, and Chushan Ecological Park.

For visitors interested in cultural immersion, the local China Embroidery Art Museum Sight Spots offer an authentic insight into the area's historical silk and embroidery culture and give visitors an opportunity to try their hands at threading and knitting. Wanfo Temple, which sits along Taihu Lake and was built during the Shaoxing Period (1131-1162) of the Southern Song Dynasty, is a great place for both physical and mental relaxation.

The resort, by integrating ecology, culture, and tourism and collaborating with online travel agencies in recent years, has managed to become an incredible sightseeing, catering, accommodation, and entertainment destination for tourists.

It was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a national ecotourism demonstration zone in 2015.

The resort is located at 350 Dongcheng Rd, Zhenhu sub-district, Suzhou New District. People can call 86-512-6691 0020 or visit the official website at http://www.szwer.com/en/ for more information.

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