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Advice for Foreign Nationals in Suzhou to Apply for "Health Code Traveler Version"

(Suzhou Foreign-related Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Command Center) | Updated : 2020-07-24

Dear Foreign Friends

Fully utilizing digital technology to facilitate normal movement of inbound travelers, the National Integrated Government Service Platform has established the "Health Code Traveler Version" (Pandemic Prevention Health Information Code) for inbound travelers. The code will work as a verification of personal pandemic prevention information during the pandemic period. You can, of free will, apply for the code to facilitate movement.

In accordance with the overall arrangement of Jiangsu Provincial Leading Group for Pandemic Prevention and Control, considering the current situation of the COVID-19 response, the "Suzhou Health QR Code" will stop working as a health pass starting from July 24, 2020. To facilitate movement, inbound travelers can choose to apply for the "Pandemic Prevention Health Information Code" by scanning the attached QR code. With the health code, you can inquire your pandemic prevention health information and use the code as a pass, with which you can move around in places that require such health endorsement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to dial Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office Hotline (0512- 68358782).

Suzhou Foreign-related Epidemic Joint

Prevention and Control Command Center

July 22, 2020



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