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Cuiguan pear, juicy 'snow' in June

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2020-07-30


An orchard owner takes buckets of fresh Cuiguan pears back home. [Photo by Ni Lixiang/subaonet.com]

Cuiguan pears, nicknamed "snow in June" for their white flesh, thin skin, tiny pits, and sweet and juicy taste, are now on the market.

Nurtured by the fresh air and fertile soil in Shushan village, Suzhou New District, the pears come onto market in late July to early August every year and are sold at 16 to 24 yuan (no more than $3.40) per kilogram. The quantity of pears produced in 2020 have increased by 10 percent and amounted to about 1.75 million kg.

For tourists interested in getting some pear-picking experience, here is a travel route recommended by the local government.

The one-day tour features picking juicy Cuiguan pears in the morning. A distinctive rural lunch will be served, followed by tourists trying their hands at pottery and letting go of all the fatigue by local hot springs.

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