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2021 Huqiu District Government Work Report part 4: Major economic and social development goals for 2021

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2021-01-05

Huqiu district (Suzhou New District) has set its major economic and social development goals for the year 2021.

The district expects to have its regional GDP up at least 6 percent year on year, the revenue in its general public budget up at least 5 percent year on year, its total investment in fixed assets up at least 10 percent, its total retail sales of consumer goods up at least 7 percent, and its proportion of major economic indicators to remain at the current level.

The district also hopes that investment in research and development will account for an additional 0.1 percent of regional GDP, investment in enterprise R&D will grow at least 10 percent, and the number of patents obtained by every 10,000 people will grow 8 percent to 143.

In addition, the district will strive to grow per capita disposable income faster than regional GDP.

It also expects to reduce energy consumption, emissions of major pollutants, and production accidents and related casualties.

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