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289 people in SND designated 'urgently-needed professionals'

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2021-01-08


289 employees from 73 local companies in Suzhou New District have been designated Suzhou city-level urgently-needed professionals for key industries, receiving over 20.34 million yuan in subsidies. [Photo provided to english.snd.gov.cn]

Suzhou New District (SND) recently saw 289 employees from 73 local companies designated as urgently-needed city-level professionals for key industries. They received a total of 20.34 million yuan ($3.14 million) in subsidies.

The list includes 20 doctors, 255 postgraduates, and 14 undergraduates. They are mainly involved in new-generation information technology, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing, software and integrated circuits, new energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

Huang Zhiguo, who obtained his doctorate in mechatronic engineering from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the highest award of 120,000 yuan as a typical professional.

He joined CMSoft in SND as a senior technical researcher in April 2018 and has taken part in various high-end projects related to 5G industrial internet, a quantum computing simulation platform, and intelligent cloud collaborative robots. He published four papers, obtained five patents, and teamed up with Huawei and Cambricon to stimulate the development of domestic chip manufacturers.

An official from the science and technology bureau of SND said the district's open, innovative, and welcoming environment has helped attract talent in recent years.

Every year, about 2,000 professionals from districts and county-level cities governed by Suzhou receive the award, which provides a subsidy of 120,000 yuan, 90,000 yuan, or 60,000 yuan.

More than 2,000 professionals in SND have received the award and been offered a total of over 150 million yuan in subsidies.

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