Classical Gardens of Suzhou


Classical Chinese garden design is not illustrated any better than in the nine gardens in Suzhou.

Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival


The ancient Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing in Suzhou is one of China’s oldest and largest New Year festivals. In traditional Chinese culture, the stroke of midnight is celebrated by ringing the great bells of Buddhist temples.

Suzhou embroidery


Suzhou embroidery is the general name of embroidery products made in the Suzhou area of Eastern China.

Kunqu Opera


The origin of Kunqu opera started from Guan Yunshi, an official of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), who was of the Mongolian ethnic group.



Suzhou Pingtan, storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect is the general name of Suzhou Pinghua and Suzhou storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments.

Huqiu clay figurine


Suzhou clay figurine craft, formerly also known as “Huqiu clay figurine” mainly spread in the Huqiu mountain area, Suzhou.

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