A bite of Suzhou, light diet in summer


Suzhou might be famous for meat-rich delicacies such as red-sauced pork or soup noodles with sticky-sweet eel, but meat is not the only food on the menu. Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city serving up local produce.

Songhelou Restaurant


Songhelou Restaurant is the most famous local restaurant offering Suzhou cuisine. Located in the prosperous area of Suzhou, it is regarded as one of the time-honored restaurants of China, together with Quanjude Roast Duck in Beijing and Louwailou in Hangzhou.

Take bites of famed pastry


The noted ancient riverside town of Luzhi not only has beautiful sights to see, but also has a wide variety of snacks. Haitanggao, a pie or pastry made with Chinese flowering crabapple filling, is one of the most commonly sold specialties in Luzhi Scenic Area.

Classic Cuisine


Suzhou is a paradise for gourmets, and has hundreds of years of culinary experimentation. Suzhou cuisine is light in taste and sweeter than Yangzhou’s Huaiyang Cuisine.

Sweet-scented Osmanthus Chicken


This chicken select white sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus sugar as raw materials. The chicken resembles white jade, which whets the diner’s appetite.

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