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Suzhou Embroidery industry


There are more than 20,000 people living in Zhenghu Town, Suzhou New District, and 8,000 of them engage in Suzhou Embroidery production.

Financial industry


The Suzhou New District raised the idea of building a financial town at the beginning of 2016, focusing on developing a new financial service sector with a core placement of private equity funds.

Medical device industry


Suzhou New District (SND) intends to use the next 10 years to build a provincial medical device industry technology innovation center, integrating medical device research, innovation, product transformation and other industry corollary services.

New energy industry


The new energy industry is one of the emphatic developing industries in Suzhou New District (SND).

Rail traffic industry


In the rail traffic industry, Suzhou New District (SND) is building an industrial cluster with regional features and advantages.

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