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Ecological institute inaugurated in Suzhou New District


The Suzhou Ecological Institute was inaugurated in Suzhou New District on May 11.

Ex-NBA Star Ray Allen comes to Suzhou New District


Retired NBA star Ray Allen showed up in Suzhou New District on May 6.

Admire piano solo in Suzhou New District


The Jacobins piano concert will be held in Tong'an town, Suzhou New District on May 12.

Suzhou New District boasts profound history and rich culture


Pleasant environment, profound history, rich culture are very words to describe Suzhou New District.

Scenery waterfront to reproduce Grand Canal's beauty


Suzhou New District is to build a Grand Canal scenery waterfront this year.

Controller of toilet lid made in Suzhou New District crowns global market


The controller of a toilet seat cover occupies more than 90 percent of the global market.

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