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Jinyi Cinema (Suzhou Amusement Land Branch)


​Add: 2F, Water World Plaza, No 166, Yushan Road, Suzhou New District Tel: +86-512-68711811 Transportation: Bus No 38, 39, 69, 317, Tourism 3, 3(Night), get off at Xinsheng Xinyuan Bei Station (Station of North Xinsheng Xinyuan Community)

Omnijoi International Cinema IMAX (Suzhou Emerald City Branch)


​Omnijoi International Cinema IMAX Suzhou Emerald City Branch covers an area of 10,000 sq m. It has 2300 seats in 11 halls, including IMAX, MX4D, Dolby Atmos, Sony 4K and Gold Class halls, each offering customers a different experience.

Lumiere Pavilion (Suzhou Golden Eagle Branch)


Add: 6F, Golden Eagle Shopping Center, No 298, Shishan Road, Suzhou New District. Website: www.lumiai.com Transportation: Take Metro Line 1, get off at Suzhou Amusement Land Station (exit 4).

Suzhou UME International Cinema (Longfor Suzhou Times Paradise Walk Commercial Street Branch)


​Add: Northwest of Suzhou Shangri-La Hotel, Shishan Road, Suzhou new District Tel: +86-512-69582030

​KM Cinema (Suzhou Branch)


​KM Cinema is on the 3rd floor of AEON (Suzhou New District Branch). It has eight halls, including an IMAX and Dolby Atmos large screen.

OSGH Haihe Cinema


​Add: Suzhou Xinqu Coach Station, Changjiang Road, Suzhou Amusement Land, Huqiu district Tel: +86-512-69566566 Transportation: Take bus No 302, 303, 329 and 333, get off at Keyun Xizhan Station (Suzhou West Coach Station)

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