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Scenery waterfront to reproduce Grand Canal's beauty


Suzhou New District is to build a Grand Canal scenery waterfront this year.

Suzhou New District to get new commercial complex


Fengjin Plaza is expected to open by the end of 2019 at Suzhou New District's Fengqiao sub-district.

Panasonic' R&D center in Suzhou New District inaugurated


An opening ceremony for an R&D center in Suzhou New District established by Panasonic was held on April 20.

The West pavilion of Suzhou Museum in the city's New District to host Canadian exhibits


Suzhou Museum plans on building its west pavilion by 2020 in the Shishan Square of Suzhou New District (SND), according to plans released at a signing ceremony of Suzhou Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the SND Release reported on April 14.

New start-up financial carrier settles in Suzhou New District


The “Yan Shang Cup” of the fifth China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition kicked off in Suzhou New District on April 12, reported the Yangtse Evening.

Suzhou science and technology begins commercial complex


Suzhou science and technology town has begun to build a large commercial complex, the Lvdi Kanhu life square, which is expected to be the largest commercial complex in the west of Suzhou New District.

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