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SND to build China-Japan pilot zone for green industry


Suzhou New District announced the establishment of a China-Japan Green Industry Pilot Zone on Oct 24.

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Analogix begins moving global headquarters to SND


Analogix Semiconductor Inc began moving its global headquarters to Suzhou New District.

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Suzhou Yokohama finishes upgrading its second factory


Suzhou Yokohama Tire Co finished upgrading its second factory in Suzhou New District on Oct 12.


GVS expands presence in Suzhou New District


GVS Filter Technology Coplans to pump an additional $12 million in investment in Suzhou New District.


Cutting-edge medical showroom opens in Suzhou New District


SINODEU Medical Showroom was put into use in Suzhou New District on Sept 20.

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Taiwan firm to build high-tech plant in Suzhou New District


Taiwan-based Sigurd Electronics Corporation plans to establish a new plant in Suzhou New District.

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