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3D printing platform to locate in Suzhou New District


A metal 3D printing project is set to locate in Suzhou New District.

2 tech firms invest $76.6 million in Suzhou industrial town


Two high-tech firms pledged a total of $76.6 million worth of investment in Tong'an on July 27.

Finance street to be built in Suzhou New District


A new finance street is to be constructed in the CBD of Suzhou New District.

Suzhou New District to build HQ park for listed companies


Suzhou New District is set to construct a new headquarters park for listed companies.

Pharmaceutical fund settles in Suzhou New District


The Innovative Pharmaceutical Investment Fund was established in Suzhou New District on June 22.

Suzhou New District to get new medical research institute


The Joint Research Institute of Bio-medical Engineering is to settle in Suzhou New District.

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